Buyproperly - Building wealth through Real Estate

Frequently Asked Quetions

What kind of properties does Buyproperly invest in? What are the ways to invest in the property?

Buyproperly currently invests in both residential buy-to-let investment properties (condominiums, townhouses, semi-detached, and detached houses). In future we would be expanding to commercial  properties and to pre-development projects as well.

You can invest through pre-order, current sale or re-sales. Pre-orders are properties that are still under negotiations and have not yet closed in ownership. The final value of sale of these properties for you would be adjusted based on the actual price paid. If any property sale is over-subscribed, we will allow everyone to participate in the investment, but would proportionately scale down the size of the investment in the final value. If a  property does not eventually close due to any  complications or new information that comes to light your money is returned back to you minus a small marketing fee.

How do I invest in properties?

Investing is simple – you create a profile on our website and provide your identity details. Our team will validate the details and allow you to invest in properties you choose. No single investor is allowed to invest more than 49.99% of the total property value.Our investments are meant to be an alternate supplemental income. Real estate industry is subject to market risks and we do not want our customers to be over exposed market risks.

What is the minimum investment amount required? Whats the maximum amount?

The minimum investment requires is $2500. The maximum investment will depend on the investor eligibility based on Securities Commission guidelines. To protect our customers we may limit the amount of investment to a certain percentage of their annual household income.

What are the costs of investing?

Onetime costs: As with individual property purchase, there are purchase costs such as stamp duty, legal fees, survey and home inspection costs, title insurance one-time costs. These costs or their estimates would be known at the time of investment. 

BuyProperly Fees: We also have ongoing costs for advertising, letting, managing and maintaining the property on an on-going basis. We charge a fee of 1.25% + VAT on the Asset under management value. 

What other information is accessible in my account?

  • History of investments bought and sold
  • Fees and taxes levied in history
  • History of money transfers
  • Tax statement
  • Investor terms and conditions
  • Trust incorporation details
  • Shareholder agreement
  • Management services agreement
  • House Price Index

How can I pay into my funds?

You can pay through debit cards, interac or online bank tranfer

What Dashboard information would the service have?

As an investor in Buyproperly, you would have access to following information on website and app

  • Deposit funds into your Buyproperly account
  • Withdraw funds from your Buyproperly account
  • Dividend received notification
  • Latest valuation and gains estimation based on latest valuation
  • Realized capital gains
  • Forecast monthly dividends

Why invest in Real Estate?

  • Return Potential: Real-estate has always outperformed the stock markets and debt securities over longer periods.
  • Tax efficiency: Post tax returns with real-estate are higher
  • Diversification: investing in individual properties has high risk, and huge upfront cash outflow. If a certain neighborhood does not develop as per plan, it could lead to losses. Investing in smaller chunks in multiple neighborhoods helps diversify the risk, while not spread the portfolio so thin, that returns are diluted.
  • Tangible Asset ownership: As a hard asset real estate can provide both intrinsic value, growth potential as the economy develops and demand increases

Should I put all my savings in BuyProperly?

No. Real Estate investments are subject to  market risk and  we recommend you treat it as an alternate investment and not put entire savings into BuyProperly